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Definition of Avaya (sanskrit): Not two. Unity with the universe, or of spirit and matter.

Reiki Treatment

My Orientation and Areas of Specialization

Advaya Wellness takes its name from the ancient principle of “wholeness” or “non-duality.” Through the use of deep tissue massage, our ultimate goal is to address the whole body-mind system. Deep tissue massage addresses specific muscle groups, yet it need not feel too intense. It is also conducive to a deep state of relaxation and stress relief, which is vital for injury treatment and wellbeing. Susan Loftus, LMP,MSW, owner of Advaya Wellness, has a background as an individual, child and family therapist. This training influences her holistic therapeutic perspective and interest in your individual needs.

Specialties include:
* advanced clinical training
*scar tissue removal
*frozen shoulder
*PNF stretching
*energy work

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Bainbridge Yoga House 7861 NE Day Road, Suite 214