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My work at Advaya involves integrating my previous two careers in psychotherapy and horticulture with bodywork. I decided to become a (talk) therapist when I was in sixth grade, after my teacher told me she thought I’d be “good at it.” After receiving my MSW from Columbia University I worked as child therapist. This training informs my awareness of how stress and trauma manifests in our bodies and my belief that mind, body and soul are inextrincably connected. While I loved the work, I felt the need to balance my life with more lightness after I had my own children. My passion for garden design grew while raising my children, and I received a degree in horticulture. My massage clients tell me I provide bodywork like a gardener, getting out all the weeds. I have worked to incorporate my belief in the spirituality of beauty into the design of the healing center.

After discovering I had some degenerative disk disease--not helped by the heavy labor of landscape installation--I had need for extensive massage therapy. I was fortunate to have found talented professionals who facilitated deep transformative work. I also became passionate about yoga, meditation and nutrition. I discovered an avocation for healing in bodywork that felt more holistic and direct than the work I had done as a young adult. I trust you will experience a sense of being in an inspiring sanctuary, with attention to your individual needs when visiting Advaya Wellness.

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(206) 484-3863

Bainbridge Yoga House 7861 NE Day Road, Suite 214